Coscathas Jaxx

DoB 06/07/10

Sire . Norgeskaukatt Amour .

Dam CH Coscathas Piper Jaxx



Coscathas Stevie

DoB 15/11/11

Sire Westrilatt Gustav .

Dam Adeflo Coscathas Freya .


Coscathas Katinka

DoB 20/01/12

Sire Coscathas Royal Rebel

Dam Coscathas Jaxx


Adeflo Coscathas Freya .

DOB 14/05/10

Sire Norgeskaukatt Ymir

Dam Coscathas Gorgyna


Coscathas Lanai " Kekoa "
D.O.B 23/07/06
Sire Elfentanz Othello
Dam Coscathas Kerenza
Kekoa is due her first litter early January 2009

Coscathas Precyous " Caja "
D.O.B 26/10/05
Sire Elfentanz Othello
Dam Nordlys Asenath
Caja is a true Daddy's girl

CH Coscathas Muzzi " Cassie "
D.O.B 08/06/04
Sire Elfentanz Othello
Dam Nordlys Asenath
Over all BIS Norsk Skogkatt Society Show 2005


CH Coscathas Piper " Pipes "
D.O.B 28/04/04
Sire Elfentanz Othello
Dam Nordlys Anastasia


Kiasibelle Calypso " Cally "
D.O.B 08/03/04
Sire Elfentanz Othello
Dam Maelstrom Acca Larentia

Cally is from a litter of 10 . These are the first recorded
Norwegian Forest Cats to have been born on the Island of Jersey .


Here  Nordlys Anastasia " Taz "
D.O.B 02/05/03
Sire CH Westrikatt Tor Egil
Dam Nordlys Falun


Coscathas 'Kerenza'
Date of Birth: 20/11/01
Sire: Staerkstrom Felis Jubatus
Dam: Maelstrom Lazuli Carisma